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Q: How long does it take to receive my card and transcript?

A: CE tests are graded one to two business days after receipt in our office. Recertification materials are prepared and mailed the following business day. You should receive the materials 7-10 business days after they have been mailed.

Q: How can I get a copy of my transcript?

A: You can view or print your transcript from your profile or by going to the CE Transcript page.

Q: I purchased 6 CH to renew my state phlebotomy certification. What kind of documentation do I receive?

A: You will not automatically receive documentation of your CE completion. You can go to the NCCT website and view/print your transcript. If you need an official transcript, call Customer Service and order your transcript for a $12.00 processing fee.

Q: What is a clock hour (CH)?

A: A Clock Hour is the number of hours a professional is involved in a CE activity. For example, if you are taking a 3 CH course, it should take you 3 hours to complete the course.

Q: Why is there so much reading material?

A: Courses are developed to assure adequate information is presented for full discussion of the topic.

Q: Why do I have to fill out a separate evaluation form for each P.A.C.E.® course?

A: The evaluations are designed to provide us with specific feedback for each course.

Q: How do you determine the number of clock hours (CH) a course is worth?

A: We determine the amount of Clock Hours by using the P.A.C.E.® formula for clock hour calculation for printed materials as follows: (Average reading time x 1.5) + 1 minute/test question = Clock Hours rounded down to the nearest hour or half-hour.

Q: What do I do if I can’t remember the courses I took in the past?

A: When you complete your recertification requirements, you receive a transcript. This is the official record of your continuing education. Maintain it in a secure location. Refer to it when selecting courses for the next recertification year to assure you do not repeat a course.

Q: Why don’t we have a temporary expiration date any more?

A: NCCT requests that individuals complete their recertification (renewal) requirements by their expiration date. Standards for certification and recertification do not typically endorse mechanisms for extensions, particularly when sufficient time is given for compliance.

Q: What does my recertification (renewal) payment pay for? It seems very expensive.

A: The recertification payment is $5.50 per clock hour of continuing education. NCCT believes this is a very fair and competitive cost for completion of CE. Your recertification payment provides you with products and services needed to complete and document your certification renewal requirements.

Q: How can I find out what questions I missed on the CE tests?

A: If you take your CE tests online, the Test Results page will provide a list of missed questions. This service is available only for those that take online CE tests.